A Man and A Bird

This is the story I sent in to a contest- I got a lot of love and a lot of hate, so I made a few changes right before I sent it in. They aren’t here right not, so this is the almost-good copy.

A Man and A Bird.

He walks the streets. Every day. Sometimes, he walks to the pier. Other times, he walks through the city, one more anonymous face in a crowd.

And he wonders about things.

Things like his mortgage, and his car payments. Things like buying more coffee. Things like how amazing his wife is. Things like the miracle of flight.

And he is happy.

But some days, he walks.

Around the block.

Or sometimes, through a seedy neighbourhood. And he wonders.

He wonders, where did the world go wrong? Why is that young girl selling her body to live? Why can’t someone help her? Why can’t he help her?

He wonders, why did his baby die? Why did his wife miscarry?

He wonders, did he commit a sin in a past life. Is he paying for it now?

He wonders, why can’t he fly? Why can’t he leave his problems when he enters the clouds?

He wonders, and he wishes.

He wishes for his baby. He wishes for that girl to live safe and happy, all her life. He wishes his problems would go away.

He wonders.

But most of all, he wishes for a chance to fly. To take off from the ground and leave his problems behind. He wishes to follow the birds in the sky. And he wonders, if the birds feel the same.

He wishes and he wonders.

He wonders if the birds understand that they have a gift. That they possess something he would kill for.

He wonders if the birds know that being human isn’t easy, because you can’t fly. You can’t leave your problems behind.

He wonders and he wishes.

He wishes for the bird’s life, while the bird wishes for his.

Petitechatte xox


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